Christmas Photo Idea for any type of camera

December 08, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I have posted a picture idea you could take with any camera.  In fact I took this picture in auto.  I was trying to keep it like it would look if you took it with a point and shoot.  I think the biggest advise for people trying to get a great "Christmas Shot" is to think things through and enjoy yourself.  Get an idea from my blog, Pinterest, or your own imagination.  Ask yourself, "Are my kids the right age for this?  If they do not sit still well, is it a picture that they can be engaged in an activity and you just take the shot?"  Set the stage, get the most amount of light possible, and take a few shots to make sure your camera is working before you add the kids to the equation.  Then shoot as many as possible as quickly as possible.  The shot below I took with my kids as one of our Christmas Count Down Activities.  I probably took 30-35 pictures and this was my favorite.  However, I made sure to keep the tone fun (it was a Christmas Count Down Activity after all).  I hate when I try to do an "activity" with my kids that is suppose to be fun and it turns into a chore.  Since I am starting to give parenting advise rather then photography tips, I will end the post here. :) 


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