What a little make-up can do.

January 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

How to look your best in pictures?  This is a topic with lots of different idea.  Lets take a look at one aspect of this idea, make-up.  More specifically make-up for moms in a family picture.  I am writing this post as a mom of two little ones who usually if wearing make-up likes to keep things pretty natural looking.  To me that means a little foundation, under eye concealer (I am a mom of two little ones) a little blush and mascara.  I take five minutes tops.  Now when we take a nice family photo I do want to look a little more put together then this, but I still like the more natural look. 

As a photographer I know that the natural look in photos needs to look a little more then natural in person.  As a general rule do your make-up they way you like it to look.  Then add about 30% more color to your cheek, eyes and mascara.  Here are a few more tips:

  1. Exfoliate a few days before taking photos.  Make-up will go on more evenly and you will look fresher.  It is always best to give yourself a few days in case exfoliating makes something "pop up."  I would also never use a new exfoliator.  I actually like to use plain backing soda and make a paste with a little water.  Again do not try this for the first time right before pictures.  Go and try it right now!  Your skin will thank me.
  2. Use a primer.  They really go a long way to helping your foundation.
  3. Do your eye make-up.  I like to do this before foundation.  It allows you to clean up any color that may fall under the eyes and helps you to prevent raccoon eyes.
  4. apply mascara
  5. Pick an oil-free foundation without a lot of SPF.  Although everyday I lather on the SPF in pictures it is not a good idea.  It will make you look shiny/greasy in pictures.
  6. Follow up with concealer for any spots and blend well
  7. Use blush
  8. Use a little bronzer for contoring (This will thin your cheeks/face in general.)  If this concept is new to you check it out on Pinterest or hit your local make-up counter.  Physicians Formula makes a nice one without breaking the bank.
  9. Light amount of setting powder.  This will keep the shine at bay.  Do not go overboard with this step or you will look ghost like in the photo.
  10. Add a bit more blush (the 30% idea here)
  11. another coat of mascara (giving some dry time between coats to prevent clumping.)  

Finally, two thoughts on mom make-up.  Give yourself enough time to do your make-up and hair on the day of pictures.  It is pretty common to have a mom spend so much time getting her kids ready that she rushes herself.  Since we are already our own worst critics this just feeds the fire.  Consider getting your make-up done at a make-up counter a week or so before hand and tell them what you are going for.  They can teach you a few tricks for you to use the day of pictures.  Then you can also treat yourself to something they used that you loved.  If you have time go back the day of photos and do it again.  I would not try this for the first time the day of the photos in case you get someone who is to heavy handed for your liking.  I hope this helps!  And now for my example pictures, drum roll please...


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