Easy lighting trick to take a better picture

February 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

So my five year old came down this morning wearing her puppy pajamas and a tiara.  As she sat at the table eating her pear, I knew I needed a picture of this!  Unfortunately, I am painfully aware that at five (and very quickly going on six) we only have so many mornings left where she will decide wearing a tiara at the breakfast table is the thing to do.  I hate taking pictures in my kitchen because the light is terrible.  So I grabbed my girl and headed to my bedroom to grab some great window light and use my freshly made bed as a pretty backdrop.  (I am bragging a little about making my bed.  It does not always happen!)

I opened the shades completely.  I got an angle that was free of background distraction and took the picture.  After snapping a few and getting a nice facial expression, I wanted to take one to demonstrate what would be a bad angle.  I had my daughter turn her back to the window.  Everything else is the same.  Same time of day, angle, editing...same everything.  I think the better photo is clearly evident.  The top photo has a much more polished look and it is all due to lighting.  Please take a second to read the descriptions next to the photos.  I point out some specific differences.  When you first start trying to take better photos it can be hard to articulate what you do not like about a picture you just know it does not work.  Hopefully these detailed comments will help you start "seeing"  the difference.  Here's to many more tiara at breakfast moments!



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