How to document you child's special day in pictures.

March 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Everyone takes out the camera and snaps a few shots of your child's birthday, right?  I want to talk about how to get a well rounded collection of pictures that help tell the story of that day or any special day.  This post, like most of my posts, are written for the parent that wants to get better at taking their kids' pictures and is just starting out.  The info below will be helpful regardless if you have a fancy camera or not.  If you do have a nice camera and want to ask me more specific questions about settings or lenses, please email me at

1) Start early!  If your party is at home and you have the time, try decorating the day before the party.  This gives you an extra cushion of time to get those detail pictures in.

2) Take shots of the small details.  Get a close up of a cluster of balloons, the decorative toothpicks in the cupcakes, or even something you have that is not specifically for the party but fits with the theme.  My examples below include a close up of a fairy door from my garden decoration.  It helps tell our fairy birthday story.

3)  Get a unique perspective.  Lay on the floor and shoot upwards to make the decorations seem more imposing in your shot.  Take an overhead picture of something just to keep things interesting.  In my example, it looks like we have a wall of wings.  These were the take away favor for our fairy party and I knew I needed to help use them to tell the story and decorate.

4) Schedule time at the beginning of the party (or even better before the party) to get a few family shots in.  You and especially your child are both going to be tired and possibly cranky at the end of the party.  That is not the time to remember that you didn't get a single picture together.  I intentionally schedule time for a few shots after I finish the cake and finally take a shower, but before the party starts.  Your child will be so excited for the festivities to begin they will be more cooperative.

5)  Do not forget the standards.  Get the shots of opening presents, blowing out candles, and a group shot of all the kiddies in attendance.

6) Put down the camera! Do not be so obsessed with capturing the moment that you do not participate in the moment.

I hope these tips help you plan a little time to document your child's special day and all your hard work getting it ready.  Please contact me via Facebook if you any questions or to schedule a session.


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