A quick styling and posing tip for Mom in photos

April 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Mom's, I wanted to give you two quick tips as we enter good weather for outdoor photos.  The first is a styling no no in pictures: bat-wing shirts.  Bat-wing shirts are super cute in person and if they are your thing, great.  But I would not recommend taking pictures in them for one main reason.  You completely eliminate the "thin triangle" you create between your arm and your body. What is a thin triangle?  When you place your one hand on your hip.  I never place my hand on my hip in pictures, you say? Well that brings me to my second tip.  Put your hand on your hip in pictures.  When you put your hand on your hip it thins your arms.  You have to remember that when taking a picture we are capturing a 3D image in a 2D format.  Because of this difference, depending on how you pose and dress, you can dramatically make yourself look bigger or smaller in photos.  I think we have all experienced looking at a photo of ourselves and thinking, "I look great," and another picture thinking, "I am huge."  Help yourself take more "I look great" pictures with these tips.  I promise to do more in depth posing and dressing guides for Moms in the coming months!


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