Father Day Picture Idea

May 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend I focused on getting some good pictures of the kids with daddy to use for a photo card for Father's Day.  I thought I would give you an easy picture idea for Father's Day as well.   The reason I emphasize the word easy is that you do not have to get your little one to sit still or smile, but it will still be very personal and super cute!

A few tips to recreate this idea:

1) Make sure your subjects are in "open shade" if taking the picture when the sun is high in the sky.  What is open shade?  Under trees or in the shadow of a large building.

2)  Have your subjects hold hands.  This creates the personal connection we all want.

3) Use the rule of thirds.  I cropped this photo so their hands are on the intersection of the bottom third and right third.  Are you not sure what the rule of thirds is?  See my previous post here.

4) Use props to tell the story...as you can see my boys were gone fishin'

5) Get creative.  You could have take this photo of them actually fishing and sitting on a dock.  If your boys do not fish, then substitute a baseball bat in the dad's hand and a glove on the boys hand.  


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