Summer Picture Bucket List

May 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My kids are growing to fast!  Maybe if I take enough pictures I can slow their growth a little bit at least.  With that desire in mind, I wanted to develop a picture bucket list for us to do this summer together.  There are tons of these must take picture lists out there on the internet.  I find they very often have a "100 must take photos or you are not doing your job as a mom!" feel to them. That is overwhelming to me. Although I am sure all 100 pictures would be fantastic, I just want to make a list that I will actually complete this summer.  I think 25 must take shots for summer 2014 seems doable and a fun project.  So lets get started clicking shall we?

1) playing in the rain

2) playing catch in the backyard

3) playing at the park

4) blowing bubbles

5) pool/beach photo

6) zoo visit

7) catching fireflies (courtesy of my friend Cindy!)

8) eating a huge popsicle/ice cream

9) riding a carousel/fair ride

10) coloring with chalk

11) their face while watching fireworks

12) eating corn on the cob

13) picking flowers

14) riding bikes/trikes (thanks Anita!)

15) running through a sprinkler

16) attending a parade

17) raining day craft/painting project

18) rolling down a hill

19) eating watermelon

20) a family photo that you are in with your babies!

21-25) your choice, get creative!


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