How to use your photos for thank you notes.

August 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I will admit it, I am cheap!  But I love doing personalized things like invitations and thank you notes for my kids' parties.  So that leaves me with two choices: pay someone to make them or learn to do it myself.  As I said I am cheap, so I learned to do them myself.  Now I would like to share with you how to make a personalized kids party thank you notes.

Here is my thank you note I created using a photo software call Photoshop.  However, you can create something similar using Microsoft Publisher.

Whether using Photoshop or Publisher, choose an 8x11 format, so you can print it out on regular paper from your home printer.  In Publisher use the Insert tab and then Select Picture.  A pop up window will come up to select your photo.  Once added, you can resize and use free rotation to get your images to resemble mine.  For the text from the Home tab, select Draw a Text Box.  From there you can choose font, font size, and color.  

The one thing I am able to do right in Photoshop that you can not in Publisher is to just select a portion of the photo.  However, you can certainly crop your photo using a free software like Picasa first and then insert the image into your Publisher file.  This thank you note took me at most fifteen minutes to do and that was with my little guy "helping me." 

One other aspect I love about making my own notes in addition to the cost savings is the ability to match the invitation to my child's level of writing ability.  My son just turned four and he can write his name and all all his letters.  However it takes him a while and the idea of him writing an entire thank you note is not reasonable.  However, writing his name and me helping him with addressing the note is reasonable for him.  I feel it is really important to get him involved with showing appreciation for his gifts.  We are all trying to raise grateful kids, right!  Last year I did something similar for my daughter who was in Kindergarten at the time, however, she had several blanks to fill in describing the present and thanking them.  So the next time you have a thank you note, try creating your own.  People will think you are creative and they do not have to know how much money you saved doing it!


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