Tricks for cute spring photos before it greens up.

March 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Many of us are beginning Spring Break with our kids and Easter is also right around the corner.  That probably means you will be grabbing the camera to snap a few pictures.  We all want to capture those first outings to the park after the weather finally breaks, our little ones hunting for Easter Eggs, and the all important dressed up Easter photo. 

Unfortunately at this time of year, although it feels nice outside, it still looks pretty brown and bare.  How do you minimize the unattractive background and keep the focus on your little ones?  Here are three easy steps for you to incorporate into your snap shots.

First use an urban backdrop.  You won't notice the lack of green grass if there is no grass in the picture.  Here is an example shot with a brick background.


The second idea is to get close up.  You really just want a shot of your little one anyway.  So instead of incorporating the entire park in the shot just get them as they play.


The third idea is fake it!  I was taking my daughter's birthday pictures and wanted the scene to look alive so I used some nice fake flowers to create a headpiece.  You do need to be careful to use fake flowers that look real otherwise it won't look as nice.

Really in this last picture of my daughter I am using all three ideas at once.  We have a nice brick background, a tight shot, and the fake flowers.

I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break, full of picture perfect moments!



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