Quick idea for getting your kid to want to take a cute photo.

June 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Luckily, I have been busy both professionally and personally.  I apologize for the time lapse between blog posts. Today, I thought I would revisit the idea of how to get a less then enthusiastic little one to smile for the camera with a fun prop idea. We all have trouble getting our kids to sit still for a picture.  I tell my four year old that people pay me to take their photos, so he should be happy I do it for free for him.  He is not impressed (nor cooperative a lot of times).  With summer upon us and lots of celebrations we usually see a bunch of balloons.  Most kids get pretty excited to see a big bunch of balloons.  Mine were thrilled this past weekend to get to play with a bunch at my nephew's graduation dinner. 

I siezed the opportunity and excitement to get my normally reluctant little man to smile for the camera.  Before you get them to try and take a picture, let them play with the bunch of balloon for a bit.  Find your light source if you are indoors or some nice open shade if you are outdoors.  Call them over to play near you.  Then have another adult hold the bunch of balloon taught.  You do not want to give them too much string to move around.  Once your light and the adult are set, ask the child to peek through the balloons and find you.  You are getting a great picture, but they are playing a game.  If you react when they peek through and snap the photo, they will want to play the game at least a few more times before they bore of the game.

Please click here to read my first post on how to get a toddler to give a real smile for the camera.  I hope you have a wonderful start to you summer.  Do not forget to take photos!


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