Fun photo location idea

March 16, 2016

I love documenting my kids and our life.  I feel like we are in this perfect little bubble in time right now.  They are young enough that I am still cool and they need snuggles at bed time, yet out of diapers and old enough to make it to the toilet when they are sick.  I am living the dream!  One thing we love to do, and have since they were in diapers, is go to our local library.  It is "our place."  I decided I needed to document my kids in "our place" so I brought the trusty camera along.  Here are a few shots I took that day. 

You will notice in the first one she is ignoring me.  That is exactly how I wanted it.  This is my girl doing what she loves best.  This is how I catch her very often at home and certainly when we spend time at the library.  I will miss when this is not "our place" any more.  We have spent so many mornings before lunch and nap time here.  Now that they are older it is our Friday after-school treat.  I just wanted to document this time in "our place" together. 

The second shot was posed.  I thought it would be interesting to get a shot of her with all the books in the background providing those fun leading lines.  Then I asked her to look up and give me a smile.

Where is "your place" with your kiddos?  Bring your camera along next time.  Maybe you like doing craft projects together, so take pictures of the process.  Sit quietly with your camera for a few minutes and watch them draw or paint and then snap them in the moment being creative.   Maybe grocery shopping together is your thing or you have a favorite restaurant you always go to. 

You will probably get a few weird looks when you take out a real camera in these situations, but who cares.  I know I did at the library when I busted out my big camera with my external flash.  (That is why my pictures are not yellow from the florescent lights by the way.  I used an external flash.  We have a great library with terrible yellow lighting.)  If you do not have an external flash you could always put your child near a big window and snap away.

I love these pictures.  I feel like they really capture my girl, this special time and the importance of our everyday.  Stop and think about where "your place" is with your kids and make sure to bring the camera along next time.