Last Day of School Freebie!

May 22, 2016

It’s that time of year again, the end of school.  I am so looking forward to the grind of school being done with for a bit.  I love lazy pajama mornings with my kiddos, swimming at our local pool, taking fun road trips to the city, or strawberry picking.  However, as we approach the last day of school I have a picture idea/activity for you.

Most people take pictures on the first day of school and I encourage you to take one on the last day as well.  If your child can wear the same outfit, it is fun to see how much they have grown and changed that year.  I personally have my kids hold a small chalk board with “Last day of XX Grade” written on it.  I always include these pictures in our family’s photo books.  They really help tell the story of our year.  I have made a little something else to add that I think will be fun.  I have a “My School Year” survey for them to answer.  I would love for you to have it too!  I am going to have my kids write them in their own handwriting and then scan them in and add it to our book.  You could also take a picture of the sheet and upload it or just keep it in the front of your photo book.

Life goes by so fast!  It is so easy to forget the small memories that make life so beautiful.  I hope this survey helps you and your children treasure a few more of those little memories.